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Dianne E. Elsom, LCSW

Dianne E. Elsom, LCSW

Psychotherapy Services & Meditation

CenterPoint Counseling and Consulting is a private psychotherapy practice located in Chambersburg, PA. We specialize in improving relationships and overall life quality for children, adolescents, adults, and couples of all ages.

Our office is personal and warm. Our therapy treatment is effective and compassionate. Process and outcome based integrative modalities are utilized and include cognitive behavioral therapy; psychodynamic/object relations therapy; attachment development theory; dialectical and mindfulness informed therapies; and expressive/creative/ play therapies.

Working with CenterPoint Counseling and Consulting will help individuals, families, and couples to gain mastery over difficult emotional or physical experiences; break and change unwanted habits in the mind and body; acknowledge and understand fear; and rediscover the confidence and uniqueness within yourself.

You can feel better!

CenterPoint Therapy Services

Children and Adolescents

Stressful Life Experiences, Anxiety, Opposition and symptoms of ADD are commonly treated through our program.


Treatment for many unwanted symptoms from anxiety, depression, PTSD, bi-polar, eating disorders, fear, loss, stress and overall life confusion.

Couples and Relationships

Reduce conflict. Experience how much more satisfying your intimate relationship can be.

Our Mission at CenterPoint is Threefold

We assist individuals to reach new personal potential by moving past obstacles, pains, or troubles within themselves

We improve close and intimate relationships with others

We support the ability to participate within the larger community and natural world around us

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Mindfulness Meditation

The beautiful on-site meditation space offers many options and events through the year by which to learn and practice the art and growing preventative health benefits of Mindfulness Meditation.

Consulting & Motivation Services

CenterPoint can bring diverse educational and motivational discussions and teachings to your place of business, school, retreat, or other special location.

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